3 Tips for Wisely Choosing Affiliate Products

3 Tips for Wisely Choosing Affiliate Products

3 Tips for Wisely Choosing Affiliate Products

If executed correctly, affiliate marketing is an incredibly simple and effective way to make money online. But it is not completely foolproof. For example, if you choose the wrong product or market it in the wrong way, you more than likely will not become an overnight or immediate success. Your success is directly proportionate to your ability to choose the right product and learn how to properly market it.

Marketing Affiliate Products

Implement the following tips for greater success.

Discover What Not to Do

I’ve been told this, you might have run across a guru saying this…when choosing a product to sell within your chosen network, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior+, etc, look for the items that have the most sales, the best commissions, the highest whatever. And this is a good strategy because those figures suggest that other people are earning a lot of money and you should too. In fact, you can literally ‘copy and paste’ their business model!

But do NOT make this your only plan. By promoting ONLY these types of products you are making a huge mistake. 99% of the products at the top of the listing are in the same niches:

  • making money online,
  • dating,
  • fitness,
  • health, and
  • weight loss.

You are competing with everyone else who is promoting them and some of these promoters are affiliate gurus.

You are competing with those selling similar products (these are the most competitive niches on the web).

Many of your prospects are tired of seeing these promotions over and over.

If you don’t have a massively successful website/mailing list, achieving the number one spot on Google for ‘Make Money Online eBook’ or ‘This massively successful weight loss program’ is going to be impossible. You’re only setting yourself up to fail by limiting yourself to this one plan.

Alternative Strategies

Let’s explore how to add products to promote that  add balance to your business plan and help your sales profits grow.

Pick Something in a Smaller Niche

Find an eBook aimed at a specific industry or job, possibly a less popular sport or a very specific item within a more popular sport.

Before I go into an example, let me be clear…many small niche ideas you come up with will probably not work. Why? Because:

  1. you have to have enough people interested in the niche to sustain it and
  2. you have to be able to find affiliate programs within that niche.

You have to do your due diligence and ensure it is going to be sustainable.

For example, spinners were all the rage in 2017 being sold almost everywhere you looked. It’s 2021, do you see them now in stores? So be careful when selecting a small niche. If you do not think it is sustainable, is it currently popular enough or even an in-high-demand fad to put the effort into promoting it? Will there be enough sales to get a decent ROI? If so, realize it will be a short-term money maker and plan for it.

Ok, now on to an example.

Say you are into fishing. But fishing is a huge and very competitive niche. So you look up some ideas on google and find that people are now fishing from kayaks…yes kayaks specifically for fishing. You then google “how many kayaks have been sold in the United States” and find an article in the Louisiana Sportsman, that states ‘According to the NPD Group, “For the 12-month period ending in May 2020, including a period when everyone found it hard to look at their sales numbers, recreational kayaks racked up more than $405 million in sales throughout outdoor retail channels”.’

Now that is a lot of sales! And with big numbers. But you don’t know how many are specifically for ‘fishing kayaks’, so google “fishing kayaks”. There are over 29 million searches and one particular model has 95 5-star reviews. So, fishing kayaks has a market, but again a big market.

Google Results for Fishing Kayaks

To narrow it down research what fishermen need to successfully fish from a kayak. Googling “kayak fishing accessories” yields almost 18 million results. Scrolling down I discovered this article, Top 15 Essential Gear for Kayak Fishing.  And within this article, there are a couple of affiliate links. One of the 15 items is a fish finder.

When you google “find fish finder affiliate programs” this article is in the results. 10 Best Fishing Affiliate Programs Of 2021 To Reel In Some Extra Cash.  This might not have all the products you are thinking of promoting for your small niche, but it is a start and should give you more ideas. Remember you are going for unique.

To promote your niche, you can easily reach the kayak fishing enthusiasts by posting on a few fishing, kayaks, and kayak fishing blogs. And you can probably get your sales page to the top of Google for ‘5 Must-Have Kayak Fishing Accessories eBook’ much more easily. It has a clear unique selling proposition (USP) as well, making it very easy to sell.

A USP refers to the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors. The unique selling proposition must be a feature that highlights product benefits that are meaningful to consumers.

Look at Your Demographics

DemographicsThink about where you’re reaching your target audience before picking a product. Plan the implementation strategies you’ll use to market that offer.

  • What are your routes for marketing?
  • Where can you reach a lot of people?
  • What are those people interested in?
  • What contacts can you leverage?

How well and drilled down you answer these questions ahead of time, directly determines the level of success you will achieve. And it’s a strategy you can repeat over and over again. If you already have a successful website with a huge audience, then of course it makes sense to choose a product that appeals to that audience.

Focus on One Product at a Time

Focusing on the promotion of one product at a time allows you to create more buzz and excitement around that one specific product. You can create a more streamlined website that directs customers to a “buy the product” funnel.

Consider How Multiple Products Fit into Your Promotions

You have the option of selling many different products.

However, there are pros and cons to selling multiple products. Selling multiple products is great if you have a big site and you’re using soft-sale techniques. Soft-sale is an advertising and sales approach that features subtle language and a non-aggressive technique. A soft sell is designed to avoid angering potential customers and pushing them away. It allows you to offer a range of prices for various types of customers.

Choosing Digital Products

5 Must Have Kayak Fishing AccessoriesA big advantage in affiliate marketing is selling digital products. These are easy to add and remove from your site without needing to spend days writing and formatting! And there are many affiliate programs such as Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior+ from which to choose digital products.

Many stand-alone digital websites also offer affiliate programs. These offer you a more focused and flowing path of products to promote and might be easier as a newbie to make money with.

An alternative is to produce your own digital eBook and sell it. Don’t want to write it…see my post on Outsourcing.


Choosing Physical Products

Physical Goods Affiliate MarketingChoosing physical products is a slightly different process. Again, the strategy here should be to pick things that are relevant to your content and to your targeted readers and followers. At the same time, they should also be items that are of good quality and that fulfil a real need. If it does not have a benefit to your tribe, you will never make sales.

As an affiliate marketer promoting physical goods, you:

  • have none of the warehousing and shipping issues
  • do not need to make a big upfront investment
  • do not take a risk by buying lots of items in bulk.

So this gives you the advantage of following trends and the ability to “throw everything at the wall to see what sticks”.

I do recommend that you have a range of products with different price points so you can attract and sell to every type of buyer.

Amazon is a great affiliate model to study.

With Amazon, you make commissions on anything on the Amazon site after your reader visits Amazon through your affiliate link.

So if you are promoting “kayak bait buckets” and someone happens on a great buy for a smart TV and buys it on Amazon, you get the commission for the TV!

Therefore, your number one priority is to get that person to click on your link that takes them to the Amazon page you’re promoting. This is the start of a possible buying chain starting with the specific item, in this case kayak bait buckets!

My Advice

If you are just beginning affiliate marketing:

  1. Get a web host.
  2. Create a simple site.
  3. Make one new page.
  4. Place the sales page copy for the product you are promoting on that page.
  5. Make sure to include your affiliate link.

*** Best Option – Turn your one new page into a sales funnel. ***

You now have a starter place to sell from and can start making profits!

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