5 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

5 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing programs are a link between marketers selling their products or services and the suppliers providing them. The affiliate program assists these marketers in making sure their services and products reach their customers.

As an affiliate marketer you sign up to these programs as an affiliate. You then pick products to promote as an affiliate. Some programs you have to be approved to become an affiliate. Once approved you can then promote the product.

The following suggested affiliate programs are easily joined and with minimal effort you can be approved as an affiliate for various brands they support.

NOTE: These are listed in no particular order.



At ShareASale, you can make comparisons and choose which ones of the various offers they provide fits best with your promotions and niche.

The affiliate tools they provide are among the best and most complete in the industry. To promote you can customize short links from the application, make a page listing relevant affiliate offers, install their discovery bookmarklet on your browser and grab links on the fly as you browse your favorite websites, even create a storefront of your favorite brands across multiple sectors.

And their payment cycle is considerably quick as compared to other affiliate programs.


Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Affiliate Window – AWIN, is one of the most popular and highest paying affiliate marketing programs on the internet. It has over 13,000 active affiliates and 100,000 active publishers making up over 1,600 brands.

It is recommended because of its simplicity with a very user-friendly dashboard is. The tools are plentiful and designed to be useful in assisting you with your affiliate marketing promotions.

To note, AWIN is worldwide – “We blend international reach with local expertise”.

Worldwide Affiliate Marketing Programs



Rakuten/Linkshare Advertising is one of the oldest and highest paying affiliate marketing programs.

Successful Affiliate Marketers

It is very user-friendly and can be used to counter the competition. It has several features which are unique and stand-out, allowing you to use different banner ads for the products you’re promoting. Through this dynamic ad rotation you can optimize your ads.

It also has a simple sign up process and deep linking options.


CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is one of the longest existing affiliate marketing programs. You successfully earn commissions by partnering with the most widely recognized brands and promoting their products and services.

It has a wide variety of advertisers who provide multiple sized ads you can utilize for promotions. Its pros include a large partner network, a reliable payment method, a lot of great reporting options, and it is a huge asset for many marketers who spend time optimizing their sales performances.



Flexoffers is a popular affiliate marketing program with great paying services. It isn’t particularly unique and it really doesn’t stand out, but it provides a solid base with tools and features that make affiliate marketing with Flexoffers easy.

They have recently added a few cool tools to their arsenal, including Flexlinks Affiliate Links Automation that  automatically converts non-affiliate links to affiliate links within your website for approved programs and a Price Comparison Widget that allows publishers to search through hundreds of products by matching a product number across all approved advertisers on their account; this allows comparison of product prices and options in real-time!

Check out the full list of New Features click here.

Flexoffers has a fast payout time and over a thousand affiliate programs which are divided into categories with sub-categories, so navigation and selection is super easy.

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