5 Top Sites for Outsourcing Your Tasks

5 Top Sites for Outsourcing Your Tasks

Being a master of all trades and multitasking is bad for individual productivity and is not good for a business. Concentrating on one thing at a time, such as the core functionality of a business promotes fast progress. But what about all the other tasks that need to be done or you simply are not good at doing?

Outsourcing. It is one way of ensuring that every task is accomplished in a timely and accurate way. These frees up you and your staff to concentrate on the core activities of your business and what you are good at and enjoy doing. All other tasks go to the subcontracted employees through outsourcing. This saves a business or individual time, energy, and money. And you can develop great working relationships for future endeavors.

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Who Do You Outsource To?

Here are five sites for outsourcing your tasks that offer the best talent.

Funnel Rolodex

Funnel Rolodex, created by Russel Brunson – the ClickFunnels dude – was designed to be dedicated and targeted to sales funnel building only. But as with all things, it has developed into much more.

It provides higher-end services, which means the price point is higher. But quality is the key. Before a service is listed, it is vetted by Funnel Rolodex to ensure it lives up to their standards. And a refund policy statement is required.

To ensure the best quality service, sellers are subject to buyer’s ratings that provide either thumbs up or thumbs down. You can also see how many people were happy or disappointed with the service. You can also read previous reviews and contact the seller through  direct messaging.

In addition to all that, you can see the average response time of the freelancer and how many orders they’re working on. If you have a problem you can report the service.


Fiverr Outsourcing

You can find just about any kind of service you want starting at $5. Now a $5 gig is not likely to produce a high-quality or detailed deliverable, but it is useful for producing ideas and getting started. High rated sellers and Pro-level providers charge much higher rates. For quality deliverables seek out these high-level sellers with 4.8 to 5.0 star-rating and great reviews. Discuss your project to get a feel for a good working relationship.

Fiverr covers a wide range of services but are less focused than other platforms. So it is less likely to provide optimal quality as compared to competitors. So keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

Creating an account is free. You communicate with the freelancer prior to placing an order to ensure the outcome is delivered as expected and in the time frame needed. You can post a project or browse through gig offers to find a service that fits your requirements.

Fiverr is best used for specific services with predetermined outcomes. It is good to note that your options as a buyer are limited, with most of the power in the seller’s hands. If you’re looking to accomplish a quick, clear-cut job that you know is easy to implement or hand off, it is worth looking at Fiverr. As well, if you’re a newbie, starting out with little money, Fiverr is a good fit. It is best suited for people who want a gig completed quickly, know what they want as the outcome, or have a small budget.


Upwork is the most developed online market place for remote short-term employees and the largest network of trusted independent professionals providing services to improve your business potential. Their service categories cover the entire alphabet with numerous selections under each letter.

You can find services in one of two ways. You can submit your job into Upwork’s work marketplace and  choose from the many proposals you receive from around the world. To narrow down your choices, their Artificial Intelligence helps you shortlist candidates who are the best fit. You also can check profiles, portfolios, and client’s reviews before selecting your candidate.

The second method is to choose a service from Upwork’s Project Catalog. Upwork’s freelancers package their most popular services and list them in the catalog. A full description of the service is provided so you know exactly what you’re getting and what is needed from you to get your deliverable. By using this method you do not need to create a job post or decide on a freelancer from a shortlist. You choose your project and the talented freelancer at the same time.

You can talk with the freelancer during the project implementation period and iron out any arising issues.



Use for written content, as the name suggests. Online businesses needing various types of content for eBooks, websites, and tutorial guides use this site. You outline the work needed and once submitted it is made available to an online pool of writers who are logged into the website and have access to your price point based on their rating. It is a first come, first to pick up the assignment within this pool. After delivery, you evaluate the work and rate the writer. You can request revisions or even reject the work. Writers progress automatically up through a ranking system based on their ratings. The best writers have the highest ratings and have access to the higher paying gigs.


This site provides a different option. It offers a social atmosphere and allows you and Freelancer to build a relationship that extends beyond the site and the work you are requesting.

Many times the person you freelance with becomes your go to source for your projects.

You post a job you need completed. In turn, you receive competitive bids from freelancers, usually within minutes.
To help you with your hiring decision you can browse portfolios to find compatible professionals based on their previous work samples profile reviews.

You can live chat with your freelancers about changes, the work progression, and updates. In addition to live chat you can keep up-to-date with their time tracker app and utilize their mobile app for on-the-go communication.

And you can reach their support, consisting of real people, 24/7.
You only pay for the work when it has been completed and you’re 100% satisfied.
Freelancer can meet whatever you need…mobile app development, website design, graphic design, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, local area networking, and more. They have over 1800 different categories and 50 million freelancers on demand. Just keep in mind, for an organization to offer these numbers, they have to be big. And sometimes big does fit, sometimes it does not. Carefully consider your needs and your budget so you can plan to receive your optimal outcome.

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