5 Affiliate Marketing Trends

5 Affiliate Marketing Trends

Affiliate Marketing Trends

Within the categories falling under digital marketing, affiliate marketing has one of the highest growth rates. In 2020, affiliate marketing was one of the quickest rising and most effective strategies of online marketing. Affiliate marketing is also one of the most effective in keeping up with the constant changes of the web.

So consequently, companies make great efforts to align themselves with these changing strategies.


So Which Trends are at the Top of Affiliate Marketing?

Many different trends dominate the world of affiliate marketing. And these trends change at different rates.

Here are 5 of the Most Common.


1. Content is Still King!

Content Marketing


Affiliate marketing relies heavily on the type of content created in association with promoting specific products or services. And content will continue to play an integral part in the world of affiliate marketing. It is imperative that you develop content that appeals to not only your audience but to search engines and social media platforms as well. When considering content, the customers are the most vital contributors when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Over the years, the type of content created has seen many changes, evolving with how people use and perceive the web. From text to visuals that has  evolved into an audio-visual combination, the content has continuously changed to keep the audience involved throughout the years.


2. Use of Voice Search

It the year 2021 and smartphones have been around for quite some time now. Some of you might not even remember a time when you had to use a pay phone to make calls in public. But even though smartphones are now the “norm” for texting, making phone calls, and surfing the net, within the realm of affiliate marketing the use of smartphones is in its infancy.

Smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are being adopted by more people.

Similarly, people rely more on personal smartphone assistants like Siri and Cortana. Therefore, the use of voice search is also becoming increasingly popular. Since voice-search conducts a good portion of online searches, affiliate marketing has also adapted along with it.


So What Does This Mean to the Affiliate Marketer?

This means, coming up with search terms for your marketing campaign is changing. Search terms are now dependent on how a person normally asks questions when performing a search query. Speaking is much less formal than typing.

Similarly, the content has become more localized since most searches today are fairly local.


3. Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow

Influencer marketing has taken off in recent years. It  has become one of the most dominating trends when it comes to affiliate marketing. Some YouTube and Instagram stars have a large number of followers which has skyrocketed them to fame. Hence, they’re always looking for ways to monetize their audience to increase their earnings. Influencers earn the trust of their followers over time, and if they market a product or service, their audience is inclined to buy it at their recommendation. It is a fact that people are searching for the content all the time on the internet. So, if these people look up to you as someone who has experience with what they are looking for and you always give your honest opinion, it is likely you are going to grab their attention. Not only will they buy from you, but many of their friends will too. This exponentially creates large numbers of people flocking to you for your expert advice.


4. Adapting the Native Marketing

Putting your marketing out into the vast openness of the internet for just anyone to grab is not be a very effective method.

A better strategy is to adopt the methodology of native marketing. Native marketing focuses on and targets a specific audience that is not only interested in your product or service, but desperately needs it to solve a problem they have. This translates into a higher chance of you being able to convert this audience into buyers and repeat customers. Most businesses, and even search engines are now relying on user experience, which means that localized information is optimal.

Audience Relevant Content


Similarly, affiliate marketers are now creating content for a targeted group of people who need a problem solved. This increases their affiliate sales for a better return.


5. Creation of Mobile-friendly Content

Due to the changes in web technology, people are now using mobile phones and smartphones more for internet browsing rather than desktops and laptops. It’s just more practical and feasible.

Affiliate marketers and advertisers must create content that looks good and functions properly on smartphones and mobiles, and they must adopt a mobile-focused strategy. Content on websites, pages, and blogs must be mobile-friendly so they can be opened and searched as effectively as on a laptop or computer. Optimization of content such as landing pages must be mobile-focused to ensure there is no click loss from mobile customers. Similarly, optimizing for different operating systems is also essential.


Final Thoughts

Due to the vastness of affiliate marketing you don’t know what will be the next trend, if it will be successful and when it will occur. However, some trends will continue to be on the rise and for quite some time. If you adopt the correct ones, success is achievable.

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